Consortium of Popular Culture Collections of the Midwest



  1. Frequency of Meetings
    The members of the Consortium will meet twice annually--Spring and Fall.

  2. Place of Meetings
    The Fall meeting will be held at Bowling Green State University and the Spring meeting will rotate, in the following order, among Kent State University, Ohio State University, Michigan State University, and Bowling Green State University. The Spring meeting will include a program component and may involve an overnight stay. The host institution shall be responsible for facilities, meeting arrangements, and taking minutes of the meeting.

  3. Meeting Expenses
    Any expenses, except for individual meals and overnight accommodations for working meetings, will be borne by the host institution.

  4. Permanent Address
    The permanent address of the Consortium shall be the Browne Popular Culture Library, Bowling Green State University. The archives of the Consortium and the mailing lists will be maintained at the Browne Popular Culture Library.

  5. Consortium Officers/Facilitators
    The Chair of the Consortium shall serve for a two-year period and shall be selected at the Fall meetting. The duties of the Chair include compiling an annual report and presiding over the meetings.

  6. Voting
    Each member institution shall designate, in writing to the Chair, one person as its voting representative.

  7. Expenses
    Any expenses (i.e., printing of brochures) approved by the Consortium shall be divided equally among the member institutions.

  8. New Consortium Members
    Consideration of expanding the membership of the Consortium shall begin in 1995.
    Members will be accepted by the members of the Consortium acting as a committee of the whole and each institution shall have one vote.

  9. Dissolution of the Consortium
    The Consortium may be dissolved by a majority vote of the four original member institutions at the Fall meeting.