Consortium of Popular Culture Collections of the Midwest


Cooperative Loan Agreement among Members of the Consortium of Popular Culture Collections in the Midwest

Policy in Effect January 1, 1994

Conditions Governing Loans for On-Site Use for Research:


  1. Loans for on-site use will be made only in extraordinary circumstances for doctoral or post-graduate research. In every instance, persons needing material should be encouraged to travel to the holding repository.
  2. It is not expected that items of significant rarity or monetary value or items in fragile condition will normally be lent for research purposes.
  3. All loan requests shall be made on standard interlibrary loan and Consortium loan forms in writing to the appropriate curator at the lending repository. The curator of the lending repository must approve each loan request in writing and maintain a record of the transmittal and return of all loaned materials. The curator of the borrowing repository shall be responsible for determining that insurance coverage has been obtained, and for the security and timely return of all loaned materials.
  4. With the written approval of the loan request, the lending repository must communicate to the borrowing repository any restrictions on the use of materials. The borrowing repository will ensure that the researcher abides by these restrictions. If written approval by an outside party is required, this permission must be obtained by the lending repository prior to loan. Documentation will be sent to the borrowing repository prior to the loan transaction.

  1. The method of transportation will be by the first secure carrier following written approval of the loan.
  2. The lending repository will communicate delivery specifications to the borrowing repository, which must agree to return the material in the manner specified. The lending repository may specify shipping requirements such as a particular system of transportation, delivery directly to and from the appropriate special collections unit of the borrowing repository, insurance, and special wrapping instructions.
  3. The user will pay for shipping materials both ways. The borrowing repository will be responsible for any additional insurance coverage required for shipping.
  4. Verification of transfer and delivery must be made by the curator of the borrowing institution to the curator of the lending institution regardless of method of delivery.

  1. Each of the participating repositories will make available for loan such materials as are normally available to researchers at each repository. However, each repository may exclude, temporarily or permanently, any materials which cannot be loaned due to donor or other restrictions, considerations affecting the safety and preservation of collections, and current or regular use of the requested materials at the lending repository. All requests for loans are honored at the discretion of the appropriate curator.
  2. Protection and use of borrowed materials are the responsibility of the borrowing repository. The borrowing repository will ensure that materials are insured for on-site use at the borrowing repository, and are stored in a controlled environment which is secure from theft or vandalism and safe from damage by fire or water. Trained personnel will be responsible for the storage, protection, and servicing of all loaned materials.
  3. The borrowing repository will follow its own regulations governing the use of borrowed materials as long as those regulations comply with conditions imposed by the lending repository. The borrowing repository will ensure that materials are consulted in a supervised, secure reading room which provides the researcher with adequate space and necessary equipment for safe use of the materials. No loaned materials may be removed from the borrowing repository.
  4. All materials are loaned for up to thirty days upon receipt of the materials at the borrowing repository. Renewals of each loan may be negotiated at the discretion of the curator of the lending repository; however, patrons of the lending repository have priority on the use of borrowed materials, and materials may be recalled at any time.
  5. Loaned materials shall be maintained in the same order and returned in the same condition in which they are received.
  6. No copies of borrowed materials may be made without the explicit permission of the lending repository.
  7. If copying is permitted by the lending repository, it must be done by special collections staff at the borrowing repository and in compliance with U.S. copyright law. The borrowing institution may, however, decline to make copies in any case and refer the patron directly to the lending institution to negotiate arrangements for copying.

  1. The safety and insurance of loaned materials is the responsibility of the borrowing repository.
  2. The borrowing repository will assume liability obligations for borrowed materials on receipt of those materials, and is responsible for the safety and insurance of loaned mateials in transit when returning materials to the lending repository.
  3. The lending repository should assign insurance values for materials loaned to the borrowing repository, and communicate these in writing prior to the loan transaction.

  1. Violations of any of the conditions of the loan may be considered cause for revocation of the loan, and cause for the immediate return of all loaned materials to the lending repository.

  1. The researcher will complete research applications and any other applicable forms for both the lending and borrowing repositories.
  2. The Consortium loan form will be completed for each request.
  3. Local loan forms and appropriate reproductions forms from the lending repository will accompany the materials for completion by the user.
  4. Credit will be given according to the specifications of the lending repository in the Consortium loan form.